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"My Dear" Egypt: AC is calling you out on your bullshit.

Anderson Cooper: Egyptian Government Has 'Blood On Their Hands,' Is Lying (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper savaged the Egyptian government on his Monday show, saying that President Hosni Mubarak's regime has blood on its hands and is lying to the world about its actions.

It was Cooper's first show since he returned from Egypt after a week in which he was attacked twice by supporters of Mubarak, and he didn't hold back.

Cooper began by noting that nearly 300 people have been killed in Egypt since the uprising began.

"That is the truth of the Mubarak regime," he said. "They have blood on their hands...are they really going to change for themselves?" He also said he would expose the "lies" of the government. The word, he said, was "one we rarely use...but we can't think of another word right now to describe what the Egyptian government has been saying, because what they have been saying is the direct opposite of what they have been doing."

As examples, Cooper said that, while the government has claimed to be reaching out to the opposition, "his secret police were still arresting opposition figures." He also said that, while the Egyptian government has denied being involved in the violence directed at protesters, the Egyptian military had been conspicuously slow to react to the targeting of demonstrators by pro-Mubarak forces.

"This is a police state," Cooper concluded.


By the sparkle of his baby blue eyes, Anderson Cooper WILL END YOU.
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