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Palin says she'd deport Christina Aguilera for botching the national anthem

DALLAS, TX - Potential 2012 presidential candidate Sarah Palin says that if she were president, she would deport pop star Christina Aguilera for botching a portion of The Star-Spangled Banner during her performance at Super Bowl XLV. Making an appearance on Sean Hannity's radio program on Monday, Palin pointedly criticized Aguilera's gaffe, and called her out for exhibiting 'diva behavior.'

"Quite frankly, Sean, public figures must be held accountable for what they say," explained Palin. "Here's another case of an airhead diva going on TV, running her mouth off, sounding like a fool. She doesn't understand something so basic about America, yet we're supposed to tolerate her diva behavior? Americans can see through that, Sean."

Palin also levied criticism on the Obama administration for allowing "spicy Latin princesses" to do the jobs of American pop divas. "Unemployment is at nine percent, yet we have to suffer through a performance by a foreigner with a poor grasp of the English language? If I were president, I'd deport Ms. Aguilera back to wherever it is she's from and give Amy Smart a call." Aguilera was, in fact, born in New York and grew up in Pennsylvania.

Though Palin was critical of Aguilera's performance, she claimed her attack on the songstress wasn't personal. "I'm sure Ms. Aguilera is a very nice person, but I just think the American people deserve better than a demanding beauty queen who's clearly in over her head."

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