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"Good News" Might Mean Mubarak Resigning As Early As Tonight

Reports: Mubarak May Step Down
Cairo Protesters Told Their Demands Will Be Met, but It Remains Unclear How Much Power Egyptian President Will Give Up

Commanders of Egypt's armed forces were meeting Thursday amid numerous reports that President Hosni Mubarak was planning to take another step in conceding to massive protests and giving up power.

Al-Arabiya television reported that an announcement would come shortly - possibly from the military or possibly from Mubarak himself - announcing plans to "respond to people's demands."

It was not clear that Mubarak was actually considering stepping down as president. Al-Hurra reported that Mubarak was planning to step aside as commander of the armed forces. But Britain's Channel 4 News - citing a high-ranking member of Mubarak's ruling party - reported that Mubarak would indeed step aside, ceding power to Vice President Omar Soleiman.

Protesters in Cairo's central Tahrir square were also told by loudspeaker that an announcement - "good news" - would be made soon, reports CBS News' Khaled Wassef. A high-ranking officer told protesters all their demands would be met, Wassef reports.


Not a definite announcement, but the signs are good. I'm cautiously hopeful.

ALSO I have no linkable source for this, but CNN is reporting that Mubarak may speak again today, according to ruling party sec gen.

edit: CNN as well. Still waiting on the time of the speech, assuming it happens. Is there going to be a live post up soon or should this become one, or...?
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