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Pink Triangle Press launches QueeriesMag

Toronto-based Pink Triangle Press has soft launched QueeriesMag, an online lifestyle magazine for queer women and like-minded people.

QueeriesMag publishing editor Suzy Malik says the decision to publish the magazine online was made for a few reasons: to eliminate printing costs, as part of a larger digital strategy at Pink Triangle Press and to provide content to as much of its target audience as possible. “The web provides a wonderful opportunity to reach one’s audience in a highly accessible and cost effective manner,” she says. “This allows us to provide quality content to readers across the country with no cover price. I’m also really excited about utilizing the connective nature of the medium and I hope it helps nurture and celebrate the queer women’s communities in Canada while also providing a means to engage and share with other like-minded queer communities all over the world.”

Malik says the online publication will be updated daily with content from a base of freelance contributors. Because there isn’t a great deal of data on the target audience, QueeriesMag doesn’t have specific traffic goals for the launch of the publication. “The soft launch has provided an opportunity to build and expand a solid reader base while also generating ‘live’ traffic stats to learn more about our audience to help both our traffic and revenue growth.”

QueeriesMag will have its official launch this spring and roll out advertising on the web site as traffic reports come in. Pink Triangle Press also publishes titles including Fab and Xtra.


I think this is the first "legit" publication for queer women in Canada. There are tonnes of mags for gay men, but nothing really for us queer ladies. This pleases me.
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