Functions with Relative Ease (freege) wrote in ontd_political,
Functions with Relative Ease

Police Brutality at the University of Puerto Rico

Hey, ONTD_P. I honestly wasn't sure how to go about this post, but here goes, and hopefully this post will be okay with the mods. I'm a longtime lurker, sometimes commenter, who'd like to direct your attention to a certain situation that's really not getting much coverage at all, aside from in the local news. Honestly, it doesn't surprise me that it's gotten so little coverage, as that's nearly always the case when it comes to events in Puerto Rico, but well, a few of us are tired of it and would like to try to spread the word a little. Yeah, we mad.

toriningen's made a pretty excellent post about the University of Puerto Rico and the abuses being carried out by the police in our main campus (along with information on the situation in general, such as how very little the government seems to care), a good amount of which has been stationed inside the university by the government after protests and a student strike started up due to our fees being more than doubled recently. This was after the campus Chancellor prohibited any type of manifestations inside it, which is against the Puerto Rican constitution, I should mention.

Clicking on the image should take you to the post.

Tags: college/university, fuck the police, police brutality, puerto rico

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