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"Ann Coulter's Valentine's Day Surprise".

Back on New Year's Day, after seeing "RedEye" host Greg Gutfeld talking to Old Spice spokesman Isaiah Mustafa in Times Square on New Year's Eve as part of Fox News' coverage, Hot Cuppa TV put out the call for the realization of the long-awaited "RedEye" in-person meeting between Mustafa and political commentator Ann Coulter.

Months earlier, the two had a brief TV flirtation while Coulter was in-studio for the FNC pop-culture/politics roundtable in New York City and Mustafa appeared on a remote from Los Angeles.

Coulter even picked up the HCTV post on her blog, claiming Bill Schulz of "RedEye" was responsible for causing her to miss Mustafa's New Year's Eve appearance on FNC.

On the Monday, Feb. 14, Valentine's Day edition of "RedEye," Coulter -- who apparently had regained her voice after blaming the "'RedEye' boys" for keeping her out late last Friday night at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in Washington, D.C. -- was in-studio with author/wrestler Chris Jericho and Blink 182 frontman Mark Hoppus.

To her surprise, Mustafa appeared during Andy Levy's Halftime Report and handed Coulter a rose.

[ Wont embed, click here to view. ]

Sparks flew [and] while Coulter momentarily threatened to abandon her seat in the camera-facing "leg chair," she did stick around for the end of the show.

Click here for Mustafa's latest Old Spice commercial.



  • I...I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS. But because I actually possess warmth, empathy and other mortal emotions (HEY, ONE OF US HAS TO), there was a fleeting moment where I found Coulter's utter surprise and flustered-ness *somewhat* endearing.
  • Greg Gutfeld's closing comment about "tanning" struck me as such appropriately inappropriate and awkward fail. Only on FoxNews!
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