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Australia's oldest cow in mooving tale

Happy animal story yay!

A cow, thought to be Australia's oldest, is alive and well and living at Montumana in Tasmania's far north-west.

While most cows only live until their mid-teens, 'Nellie' is 32 and she is now owned by a former abattoir boss, John Clements.

Soft-hearted livestock agent Crighton Horton saved her from the butcher's knife as he could not stand the tears from family in the saleyards.

Mr Clements has told the Country Hour he saw a new career path for Nellie.

"I had some calves of my own and they were pretty unruly and I was looking for an old cow to be a mother to these calves," he said.

"So when I saw this cow that Crighton had, I thought this might just be the answer to my prayers, so I took her home and I've had her ever since."

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