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Wisconsin's Largest School District Closes Friday; WI Dems Still Hiding in Illinois

The Milwaukee Public Schools have canceled classes for Friday because of the high number of teachers calling in sick.

"With these staff shortages, we will not be able to provide safe and appropriate class settings," Superintendent Gregory Thornton said in a statement.

MPS remained open on Thursday when thousands of teachers statewide called in sick to attend protests in Madison over Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill. More than 400 teachers called in sick on Thursday, about 20% above normal and MPS officials said those teachers would face some type of discipline.

TMJ4 reported this morning that more than 600 MPS teachers called in sick today.

At least 14 other districts in central Wisconsin, including Madison, Janesville and the Wisconsin Dells, also canceled classes due to the protests.

The Wisconsin legislators on the lam cannot be touched by out-of-state police, according to veteran Wisconsin lawyers.

The attorneys agree that authority of Capitol Police and other local law enforcement ends at Beloit, meaning Illinois officers couldn't help their Wisconsin brethren retrieve those Democrats who escaped if they wanted.

"Cops in other places can't just pick people up and haul them across state lines," said Rodney Cubbie, a former federal and Milwaukee County prosecutor. "You have to have some sort of court order or warrant."

Raymond Dall'Osto, a criminal defense lawyer, agreed the Democrats would have a safe haven if they continue to hide out in Illinois.

Illinois police "could arrest if there is a crime, but what is the crime?" said Dall'Osto, a Democrat and former head of the local American Civil Liberties Union office. "They would have no legal right to arrest them


As a student teacher in Wisconsin right now, THIS IS FUCKING NUTS. And I have defriended nearly ten people on my facebook feed...
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