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Ron Paul raises $700,000.00 from independent individuals in 24 hours.

'Money bomb' blows up Ron Paul's coffers

The revolution is alive and well.
Ron Paul raised more than $700,000 for his PAC in 24 hours during a President's Day money bomb.

Paul pioneered the online fundraising technique during his 2008 presidential run, and yesterday's impressive haul shows he still has a significant base of support.

LibertyPAC promoted the money bomb with a web video posted on Paul's Facebook page which leads supporters to believe the Texas congressman is leaning toward another run for president.

"If we show him enough support, he will announce his official candidacy for 2012," reads the text that appears halfway through the two-minute video

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-Just to correct the article. Ron Paul didnt pioneer any fund raising technique in 2008. His supporters put it together without Ron Paul's involvement.

I donated the money I got from jury duty =)

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