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Dattebayo Siezed By ICE Homeland Security Investigations

(Dattebayo is No More)

In a move that makes no fucking sense, ICE Homeland Security Investigations has seized dattebayo.com, based on a warrant served by the United States District Court; many of you may have tried to access the website the past couple days only to discover this blasphemy (Image Right).

The fan-sub group that brought America and the world two of the longest running and most beloved anime in the United States has been seized. All I can say is "WHAT THE FUCK".

Dattebayo has been around since 2004, but even before that many of their members come from the older fan-sub group

Dattebayo brought anime series to the states that anime fanatics, including myself wanted to see, while they were not the best translators, they were known as a speed subbing group, within one or two days of an anime’s premiere on Japanese television, Dattebayo would have it translated and uploaded for the rest of the world to see. Not only were they fast, they also did a decent quality of translating the material to English; a higher quality than most professional anime subbers I might add.

Dattebayo also worked hard to get the anime they worked on, to United States soil, and they took great regard for the material. When Crunchyroll began to start making tracks around the world, and was able to make deals with many of the studios to bring their material to the states; Dattabayo supported their efforts 110 percent. Sending hordes of their followers to sign petitions and start subscriptions with Crunchyroll.com, something many less reputable fan-sub groups wouldn't do. As soon as shows such as Naruto and Bleach were finally available via a legit outlet, Dattebayo stopped the subbing of the material
and with the exception of two lesser known series has almost completely stopped fansubbing by February 2011.

The efforts of Dattabayo over the past decade is the main reason anime has so flourished in the United States. This court ordered warrant is a travesty, and a pure spittle in the face of every anime fan in America. Many companies are reaping the benefits of all the hard work that Dattebayo put in all these years. (Which the Dattebayo staff didn't get paid for I might add.) Only to be dissed and shut down at a moments notice, and by an organization put into place by the most unconstitutional act this country has ever known. This is a sad day my friends, and I pity our country and morn over the loss of its freedoms. Dattebayo you will be missed, but you will be remembered, and know that in whatever upcoming battles your staff has to make, myself and many others like me will be behind you 100 percent.

BTW: Hopefolly, I haven't just been trolled................


I am sorry if this is not your cup of tea, but I am getting sick of these bastards and their fucking corporate censorship for profit! Dattebayo worked very hard for us fans, they were very accommodating, supporting, and very understanding not just of the fans but also of the industry to make sure the series they wanted on America would arrive to our shores so others could see its appeal. They are not thieves, they dont make a profit they only receive donations from us their supporters! If it wasnt for the fansubbers there wouldnt be a strong Anime community in the US! Then they go and just backstabs them without a warning? FUCK THIS!

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