spiritof76 (spiritof1976) wrote in ontd_political,

Blowing the Peoples' Money

Here's something to lighten the moods of the Libyan people once their internet connections are fully restored. A video originally made in 2005 by Fashion TV was uploaded to the net last week by Libyan activists.

It shows Gaddafi's sons al-Saadi and Moatessem throwing a ridiculously expensive party for celebrities at the Venice Film Festival (incorrectly-labelled as Vienna on the video title).

Look for appearances by Roman Polanski, Anna Kournikova and Valeria Golino, with a headline performance by 50 Cent.

No doubt the people currently fighting for their lives in Tripoli will have some choice words for the celebs who were happy to schmooze with the regime.
Tags: libya

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