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Controversial commercial on Legal immigration hits airwaves

Illegal immigration is often a heated topic, but what about legal immigration?

A new ad from "Californians for Population Stabilization" says the government admits more than a million legal immigrants in this country each year and those newcomers are taking American jobs.

"They take good jobs in places like California," the ad says. "No matter how many Californians are out of work or how ill the economy gets, we need to slow immigration until California is working again."

The controversial commercial from CAPS will air on your television starting Monday.

"This is an ad on legal immigration to the United States and our campaign is about opening up more jobs for California workers because California has the highest unemployment rate and Bakersfield has one of the highest" Marilyn DeYoung, CAPS Chairperson, said.

The group said legal immigrants are taking the jobs of Californians. It proposes cutting the number of legal immigrants allowed into the U.S. each year by more than half. But, when many legal immigrants serving our community as doctors, restaurant owners and more, there's no doubt the commercial will provoke some thought.

"People who come here legally and make something of themselves, I think that's good because we have a lot of people in our own land that don't make anything of themselves," Richard Winenke, a legal immigrant from Germany, said.

"They should play it safe on the legal people coming in because they might be legal, but they are probably not interested in our protection," Lilia Gonzalez, who opposes legal immigration, said.

"If they want to come over and start and work legitimately to take care of their families, I say go for it," May Haywood, who supports legal immigration, said.

The commercial will air in Kern County starting Monday. It will air statewide within the next four months.

Federal Government Continues Admitting Millions of Legal Immigrants and Temporary Workers To Take Californians’ Jobs Despite High Unemployment

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Bakersfield, CA – February 28, 2011 – Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) has launched a TV campaign in Bakersfield, California calling for lower levels of legal immigration and temporary workers until Californians are working again. The ads are launching as the federal government continues to admit more than 1 million immigrants and temporary workers a year to take American jobs despite the country’s highest unemployment levels since the Great Depression.

In Bakersfield, the unemployment rate currently exceeds 16% but has topped 18% within the last year. The national unemployment rate is around 9%. Recent studies by the Pew Hispanic Center and Northeastern University indicate that new immigrants are landing American jobs while Americans are losing jobs.

“With Bakersfield unemployment at 16%, it’s time for Congressman Kevin McCarthy to stand up for Bakersfield workers,”commented CAPS Board Chairman, Marilyn DeYoung. “That means slowing the flow of legal immigration as well as illegal until Bakersfield and California are working again.”

More legal immigrants reside and settle in California permanently than in any other state. The flow of workers has not stopped since the recession hit. The policy is having a particularly insidious effect in states like California, with millions unable to find a job and unemployment rates topping 18%. As a result, California has been forced to borrow $40 million a day from the federal government to pay unemployment benefits. At the same time, the Federal government continues to flood California with legal immigrants and temporary workers with no calls for an end to foreign workers in sight.

The TV ad illustrates the lack of attention to legal foreign workers by first presenting the word “illegal”, since illegal immigrants have been the primary media focus. The spokesperson then separates the word “legal” out, saying, “But what about these workers; legal foreign workers?” The commercial ends by combining the letters to form the word “ill” to describe California’s economy and joblessness, partly attributable to legal and illegal immigration.

The campaign was initially launched in the San Francisco area because the region takes in more legal immigrants on a permanent resident basis than all but a handful of metropolitan areas in America. The campaign will continue for months throughout various markets in California.

For more information about CAPS or to view the CAPS LEGAL TV commercial, please visit

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