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Man puts up billboard accusing ex-girlfriend of getting an abortion

Sign causes stir
Right to Life N.M. pulls its endorsement of anti-abortion billboard

Right to Life New Mexico was attempting Monday to have an endorsement removed from a pro-life billboard on White Sands Boulevard between First Street and Second Street. The billboard went up sometime during the weekend.

The billboard depicts an Alamogordo businessman, GEFNET owner Greg A. Fultz, holding what appears to be an outlined baby in his arms as he is looking down at it. Next to the picture, in large print, is the statement, "This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child! [sic]."

Fultz, 35, said he created the organization, National Association of Needed Information (N.A.N.I.), to dispense his pro-life message.

"It's to do my pro-life work under," he said. "It's nothing official. I created a Facebook page for this group (N.A.N.I.). I haven't officially made it an organization. I am that gentleman (pictured on the billboard). It's merely a statement about anti-abortion and pro-life. They (RTLNM) originally did agree to endorse it. With the pressure of the people against it, they decided to pull their endorsement. I am pretty upset about knowing that."

Right to Life New Mexico president Betty Eichenseer said she was attempting to have the endorsement removed, but she had not heard back from the billboard company as of Monday evening.

"We tried to get it removed before the printing and billboard went up," Eichenseer said. "We're disappointed to see that it was still on there. I am awaiting to hear from the billboard company to see how we can get that removed."

Eichenseer said she and Right to Life New Mexico were in communication with Fultz about the billboard.

"We were contacted by Mr. Fultz," Eichenseer said. "We thought it was going to be a pro-life billboard. We were endorsing a pro-life billboard, but as the situation and time went on we received additional information from others that it no longer seemed in the best interest of Right to Life to participate in the billboard."

Eichenseer said she and the organization knew the layout of the billboard, but did not have the full information in regard to the background.

"We had partial information, but did not have full information for the billboard," Eichenseer said. "We do not wish to endorse this particular billboard. I do not see an individual's name listed there. I don't see it addressed to any one particular person. However, when we learned of additional background information, we wished to withdraw our endorsement. We're going to get our name removed from it."

Eichenseer said she has no plans to file a lawsuit over the endorsement displayed on the billboard.

Fultz said he gave Right to Life New Mexico and the president of the Do-a Ana R.T.L. chapter full disclosure throughout the course of planning the project.

"I gave them full disclosure of the billboard and the back story of it," he said. "I left out no details or gave any false facts about the billboard. They still gave permission to use their endorsement, then decided they didn't want to be part of the controversy, which surprised me because with a pro-life organization you expect controversy. They folded rather quickly. It's in the process of being removed at their expense. This billboard was to move the pro-life movement for which I strongly believe in."

Fultz said he was inspired to create N.A.N.I. by an event that happened to him.

"All organizations have a meaning behind them," he said. "I do not deny that she (a woman named Nani) was the catalyst behind creating this organization. The letters of her name are there for the meaning of value for the reason it was created. It was not created out of spite or out of attack. It's a meaning for a story for the reason why the group was created."

Fultz said he was in a relationship with a woman about 1 1/2 years ago.

"There was a pregnancy, then there wasn't," he said, "with a woman named Nani. I started my pro-life work because I don't know if it was a miscarriage or an abortion.
If it was an abortion, my work is set out to prevent this from happening to somebody else. My goal is to try to change one person's mind when it comes to abortion and let the baby live. The billboard stands alone. There are no names of people; just an organization."

Fultz said he would only state that Nani is under the age of 21.

"She was of legal age and consenting." he said. "I have contacted my congressman and representative about a new bill ... and lobby to get started on fathers' rights. It's my belief that fathers should have a say regarding pregnancy. Women have all the power when it comes to pregnancy. The men get no say when a woman wants to go and have an abortion without the say of the father. I believe that is wrong because men are 50 percent of the result of the pregnancy. They should have an equal right to their unborn child and decisions regarding it."


According to this, the real reason RTLNM pulled their endorsement is because they learned that Nani had a miscarriage, not an abortion. There's also a pretty good discussion about this sicko going here.
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