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"Detroit now worthy of nationwide hipster consideration".

11:57 pm - 05/29/2011
Sociologists know that hipsters, that particular breed of 20-something cultural "vanguards," cannot survive in merely any city. Any healthy and happy hipster needs dive bars that serve PBR, vintage shops, grimy music venues, post-industrial art spaces and other habitat features in order to thrive.

We found this funny picture on Flickr. Detroit is now worthy of a slot on the "Post-Grad Hipster's Guide to Inhabitable U.S. Cities." Rejoice! We're labeled on the map, along with this caption: Detroit "Street Cred; Something vague about hopeful post-apocalyptic gardening," Michigan.

See which other hipster hangouts made the list.

Cartographer Katie Gillett’s Post-Grad Hipster’s Guide to Inhabitable U.S. Cities:

Source: Model D Media (Major hat tip to darksumomo for finding this.)


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nope_de_plume 30th-May-2011 04:05 am (UTC)
I contend that Seattle has more actual hippies than hipsters.
miryoku 30th-May-2011 04:08 am (UTC)
I dunno. There are a ton of hipsters, especially if you include rich Eastside kids.
bmh4d0k3n 30th-May-2011 04:06 am (UTC)
This is DEFINITELY missing Riverwest (a neighborhood of Milwaukee), Wisconsin. I live a block or two away from a co-op, a bike shop, a hipster cafe, a hookah lounge, a dance club with a monthly retro night, and probably some art galleries I'm forgetting about. Y'all have no idea.
lykomancer 30th-May-2011 04:58 am (UTC)
From the bit I've seen of it, Madison's got a pretty thick hipster infestation, too.
bowtomecha 30th-May-2011 04:07 am (UTC)
They need to add Long Beach, California to this as well.
astridmyrna 30th-May-2011 04:12 am (UTC)

Although I do want to try finger crochet...
mdemvizi 30th-May-2011 04:08 am (UTC)
Ithaca, NY needs to be added to this list so badly. I go to college in the land of the hipsters.

Also Baltimore? I am just confused by this.
bowtomecha 30th-May-2011 04:46 am (UTC)
I could swear this beast was born there.
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schmiss 30th-May-2011 04:10 am (UTC)
lool, it's true, Minneapolis has its hipsters. Doesn't hurt that you can get a decent 1br apt downtown for less than $700 a month. St Paul, on the other hand, is oddly un-hip.
hiddenfantasy 30th-May-2011 04:17 am (UTC)
St. Paul wants its own identity, damn it! ;)
tiddlywinks103 30th-May-2011 04:10 am (UTC)
chimbleysweep 30th-May-2011 04:11 am (UTC)
The red dot on Seattle will actually lead hipsters into the mountains. Or, more specifically, into the volcanoes. bahaahahahaha.
illuminaris 30th-May-2011 05:02 am (UTC)
fauxparadiso 30th-May-2011 04:16 am (UTC)
Balitmore "Cool by proximity?"

Nope. lol

But they're right about Philly, there's nothing but hipsters in Center City, South Philly and University City.
bowtomecha 30th-May-2011 04:48 am (UTC)
Baltimore is just an airport, a highway and a crab shack.

And I'm not too sure about the crabs these days.
darksumomo 30th-May-2011 04:31 am (UTC)
My pleasure. I was going to post this to my Detroit sustainability blog first, but it was too good not to share on LJ first.
popehippo 30th-May-2011 04:32 am (UTC)
IDK if Portland counts, the hippies have been there much longer.

... *suddenly imagining hipster/hippie turf wars a la Beat It video*
romp 30th-May-2011 07:03 am (UTC)
It's true that Portland is generally too earnest for true hipsters. I expect they need SF.

But when I did all that in Portland, I was just a slacker. :)
gretchystretchy 30th-May-2011 04:34 am (UTC)
sillysallyfckup 30th-May-2011 04:39 am (UTC)
womp womp, I live in hipster central, Brooklyn.

Whatever whatever it doesn't bother me since I mostly stay in anyway.

Oh and Boston... I don't know! My school there is really hipstery (I've heard it referred to as "Tumblr College" -_-) but I do feel like a much larger percent of the population is fratbros etc.

The comments on here are like hipsters are some new thing, lol
postitnotes 30th-May-2011 12:51 pm (UTC)
Boston's always been some master hipster location for me - I see tons of then all over the place but I got that same feeling about the frat bros.
doe_witch 30th-May-2011 04:43 am (UTC)
Technically I'd say anywhere in a 90 minute radius from NYC is like hipsterville. Or at least they manage to find their way out that far to particular pockets very easily, like my alma mater. Anyway I almost laughed my ass off at Asheville NC because I know several people who've moved there post-college and uh, yeah, they're not hipsters (they have actual principles, for one thing) but from what their personalities are like I can see how Asheville would attract hipsters too.

Boston... not touching that one, suffice to say that one of the worst things I've ever seen is Harvard hipsters.
ladypolitik 30th-May-2011 04:58 am (UTC)
suffice to say that one of the worst things I've ever seen is Harvard hipsters.

shellazure 30th-May-2011 04:50 am (UTC)
Omaha, Nebraska, you guys. Seriously.
calixti 30th-May-2011 05:35 am (UTC)
oh my god, yes. Old Market in particular, which is a shame because there's so much cool stuff there that I'd like to enjoy without being surrounded by hipsters. -_-
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