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#hackgate update


Tweets from a Sky News' Political Correspondent @sophyridge: (newest at top)

The unsacked Rebekah Brooks on her role going forward:

People have asked if it is right for me, as CEO of News International and as the Editor of the News of the World until January 2003, to oversee our efforts to assess allegations, address serious issues and prevent them from happening again. I'm determined that News International does this.

For the avoidance of any doubt, however, the News Corporation independent directors agree with James Murdoch's recommendation that the Management and Standards Committee, comprised of Will Lewis, Simon Greenberg and Jeff Palker, report directly to Joel Klein in New York. Joel is leading and directing the Company's overall handling of this matter. Many of you will know that Joel is a respected former Assistant Attorney General of the United States. Joel and Viet Dinh, an independent director, are giving oversight and keeping our parent Company's Board advised as well.

channel 4's fun graphic: the friends of Rebekah Brooks (sorry about the purple bar)

Sign the petition to stop Murdoch's takeover of the remaining 61% of BSkyB (if you are so inclined)
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