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Nafissatou Diallo speaks out at press conference

via Reuters

(sorry, cannot embed)

Some of what she said:

"I am going through a lot. My daughter, we are going through a lot. We are crying everyday. We can't sleep...A lot of things they say about me are not true. My daughter, she goes, 'Mom, please promise me you stop crying. People call you bad names because they don't know you. You have to remember this guy is a powerful man... I told my daughter that I am going to be strong for you and for every other woman in the world...What happened to me, I don't want to happen to any other woman."

Also, via MSNBC:

The hotel maid who accused ex-IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her made an emotional public appeal on Thursday for people to believe her story as her lawyer threatened a civil lawsuit. In a highly unusual news conference, Nafissatou Diallo told reporters she cannot stop crying and that she wants no other woman to suffer like her — first at the hands of a powerful attacker and then through media muckraking.

"I am going through a lot. My daughter, we are going through a lot. We are crying everyday. We can't sleep," an emotional and tearful Diallo said in broken English. "A lot of things they say about me are not true."

When she finished her remarks, her lawyer promised to file a civil lawsuit against her attacker "soon."

[...}Diallo's supporters on Thursday said District Attorney Cyrus Vance had mishandled the matter and should be replaced by a special prosecutor. They suggested race and poverty may be a factor in the prosecution's treatment of the case and said Vance's office leaked numerous false stories about Diallo to the media, making her case harder to win.

A spokeswoman for Vance declined to respond, saying the DA's office does not comment on pending criminal cases.

Her lawyer Kenneth Thompson denied she was trying to shake the rich Frenchman down for cash, saying, "Nafi Diallo did not try to shake down Dominique Strauss-Kahn."

Thompson promised action, saying he and her legal team "will take the civil case to trial because we are going to hold Dominique Strauss-Kahn accountable, whether it be in a criminal courtroom or in a civil lawsuit."

Asked when such a civil suit would be filed, he responded, "I said soon. Soon is soon."

A lot of media outlets are saying that Diallo is breaking her silence to try to pressure the prosecutor to go ahead with the case. IDK if that's true but GOOD FOR HER for being public, vocal and unashamed.
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