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Mods, would it be ok to use this post as a general repository for links/pics from the riots?

Reports of riots in London spreading to more boroughs: Tottenham, Hackney, Dalston, Stoke Newington, Brixton, Lewisham, Peckham, Elephant & Castle, Brent, New Cross, Enfield, Oxford Circus.

Reports also of riots in Birmingham: 19:56 on live text from the BBC, crowdsourced live updates from birmingham, BBC report on birmingham

Some screen caps from the riots in Peckham at the moment:

Shop set on fire on Rye lane

People escaping from the fire:

More in depth article: Bullets results expected within 24 hrs

A policeman's view of the first riots here


I fail at embedding videos
Fearless woman in hackney yells at rioters

This was apparently found on the floor in Dalton. Authenticity unconfirmed.

Photos of looting from Purley way in Croydon: one, two

David Cameron will return to the UK tomorrow. A COBRA meeting will be convened.
21:51 Looting reported in Clapham, with masked individuals carrying away stolen goods including TVs and clothes (source,
22:00 Rumours that rioters in Birmingham are approaching Birmingham Children's hospital.  As yet unconfirmed.ATTACK ON BCH CONFIRMED Hospital SAFE
22:35 All of St John's Rd in Clapham smashed up and looted.
23:14 Rumours that a man has been shot in the head in Croydon. Unconfirmed.
Update: 23:38 Man shot in croydon but non fatal
23:19 Weatherstones in Woolwich up in flames
23:41 Asian lads chase away rioters at Green Street. Or in other words... FUCK OFF, NICK GRIFFIN.
23:50 Things potentially kicking off in Essex LONDON RIOTS MAP. PLEASE USE THIS IF NECESSARY TO STAY SAFE.

New links as of 8:20 09/07/2011

Tottenham riots

I think this footage is from the second day of rioting.

Viewpoint of some Egyptian bloggers
A blog post by Laurie Penny, a journalist working for the New Statesman (left wing).
Photos from the earlier riots. Mostly Tottenham
Cars in flames, Lawrence Rd, Liverpool
Copycat riots in Barking.
7:44 Theresa May rules out the use of water cannon as un-British.
Riots in Nottingham
Riots in Bristol

If anyone has info I have missed which they'd like added to the post, please message me/post it in the comments. There are currently too many comments and I may lose track. Please message instead, preferably with a link to a news source backing it up and the time.

Most sources in this post from the BBC

You can help people made homeless by the london riots by donating bedding and clothes etc to Apex House, 820 Seven Sisters Road, London N15 5PQ.

Please consider donating to the firefighters who risk their lives to save others

Facebook groups: Reclaim London, London Cleanup

For anyone who needs cheering up: courtesy of pullmystrings
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