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Japan demonstrates against Korean entertainment

Japan demonstrates against Korean entertainment

In stark contrast to earlier reports of South Korean pop stars increasing influence on Japanese consumers, some Japanese seem to have enough of the Korean wave. This is despite Bae Yong-joon’s persistent popularity and K-Pop’s strong showing on the Oricon charts.

Around 500 demonstrators rallied in front of Fuji TV headquarters in Tokyo on Sunday to protest against the broadcasts of Korean TV dramas, The Chosunilbo reported.

The rally was triggered by an earlier controversy when the popular Japanese actor, Sousuke Takaoka tweeted anti-Hallyu sentiments last month saying he would never watch Fuji TV again, adding that Japanese people want traditional Japanese programs. The actor was purportedly fired from his regular program because of his remarks.

Demonstrators were organized via Twitter messages and through other websites.

The anti-Korean wave became political with some protesters either whisking on Japanese flags, or shouting “Long live the emperor”, or singing the Japanese national anthem.

Protesters pointed out Fuji TV’s excessive airing of Korean TV dramas and demanded that the government cancel the company’s license for broadcasting.

Protesters announced they are staging another rally on Aug. 21.

Despite the anti-Korean Wave rallies led by rightwing groups and their supporters, the widely popular Korean soaps and programs featuring K-pop stars like Girls' Generation and Kara continue to air in Fuji TV as well as in state broadcaster NHK.


Oh, FFS. I'm glad Takaoka was fired, and this just goes to show social media can be used to organize fuckery just as much as anything else.

And it's amazing how open people are with their hate--I was in Osaka last weekend, and there was a guy flying Japanese war flags and "NIPPONNNN!!!"-ing it up and spewing anti-Chinese bullshit with a frickin' bullhorn on the street. Plus there are little vans that go by sometimes that just blare xenophobic bullshit in bigger cities. So I can't say I'm surprised by this, really. Just, gah. Of all the things happening now to protest (hi, Tepco, hi Kan's administration bungling everying)--protesting that?!

I agree with the quote from the Chosunilbo article: But Kenichiro Mogi, a renowned neurologist and TV show host, recently tweeted, "It is childish to criticize a broadcaster for leaning toward the Korean Wave. Immature cultural nationalism in a global age only weakens Japan further."

That, and it makes the protesters look like a bunch of dicks.
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