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Man arrested in Norway with police uniforms, weapons and explosives

A man was yesterday arrested by the Oslo police after he allegedly had weapons without a permit, storage of explosives and police uniforms, according to AP.

A former neo-Nazi was arrested in a major police raid in Oslo after the civil undercover agents had searched for him. The action was initiated after North Buskerud Police had raided his residence has at Ringerike - where they made the startling discovery.

Threat Message
- We have arrested a person who we have charged with intimidation and illegal possession of weapons and explosives. This is confirmed by police, said police inspector Petter Solberg told newspaper Dagbladet.

Dagbladet knows that arrested is convicted of threats against individuals in the past, and that there is a threat to an individual who triggered his arrest.

- This is a person who is unstable and sometimes dangerous. We have found weapons and explosives, and it meant we had to react. I can not go into what could be the motive for the storage of weapons and explosives, says Solberg.

Contact with extreme-right
Dagbladet know that the man who was arrested by police in Northern Buskerud, had contacts with the extreme right environment for a few years ago. After the terrorist attack on Utøya, the man was one of the police began to check, as Breivik should have had knowledge of certain people in the right extreme environment.

Police sources stressed, however, to Dagbladet that they have no information linking the man to Breivik.

Attorney Vidar Lind Iversen defends the man.

- He would report to the police at 12.00 today, but they chose to arrest him. He acknowledges illegal weapons possession. My client has no connection to the extreme right environment. He had barely contact with parts of this environment in the 90s, says Lind Iversen told Dagbladet.

- What he says about the police uniforms and explosives that were seized?

- He will explain everything tomorrow. He looks forward to explain himself, replies the lawyer.

- I will also request that the investigation of that happening at a different police district. I think they are biased in this matter, says Lind Iversen.

source: http://www.dagbladet.no/2011/08/27/nyheter/innenriks/hoyreekstremisme/17851145/
Tags: nazism, norway, terrorism
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