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Redmen team name irks Saskatoon high school graduate

The name of the high school sports teams of Bedford Road Collegiate, the Redmen, continues to irk a graduate of the Saskatoon public school who claims the name and team logo are offensive.

"The name Redmen has become known as a slang term for First Nations' peoples, for the colour of their skin," Erica Lee, a graduate of the high school, told CBC News. "Coupled with the logo, which is a bright red Indian face, it's offensive."

Lee said she is hoping to gather support to have school officials change the name and logo. She has created a Facebook group on the topic, called "Bedford Road 'Redmen,' it’s time for change."

The social networking site also had a group which asserted it was not time for a change.

A spokesperson for the public school said officials are open to discussions about the issue.

Similar concerns about the team name and logo arose in 1996, but students of the day voted to keep things as they were.

Lee said a lot has changed in 15 years.


Here's a link to the FB page

And behind the cut are some fabulous comments received in the last few days...Collapse )
Tags: canada, native americans, race / racism

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