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Asexual Awareness Week

The Asexual Awareness Committee released the results of the Asexual census earlier today. Although the announcement said the results were amazing, the results were not a surprise to anyone who follows any Asexual websites, blogs or forums. The release of the poll results requires Asexual News to make one correction. Asexuals still preferred cake to having both cake and pie.
Forty one percent of the people who responded to the poll said that they connected through the Tumblr community, although there were a number of people who promoted the poll heavily on the social networking site. AVEN came behind a close second.
Seventy one percent of the recipients were virgins. The birth dates in the poll did not go farther back than the mid 80s, which excluded Asexuals who were more than 26 years old.
Perhaps the least surprising poll result was the amount, at least from an Asexual perspective, is how many people who responded to the poll considered themselves to be a part of the LGBT community. 41 percent responded positively. An additional 38 percent said they were an LGBT ally.

Full results of the Census.


OP: I wasn't even aware it was Asexual Awareness week, and I tried to find a news article covering it, but the only one I could find was in the Asexual News. I thought at least the census (another thing I was not aware about, I really need to get more involved in the community) would be interesting for discussion.

Also, I was not aware before this that including asexuality in the queer spectrum was an issue, any thoughts about this ontd_p?

Lastly: Mods, can I tag this as a discussion post?


More explanation about asexuality

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