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OMG: Eye test blooper on Norwegian news

TV viewers in Norway were left laughing their posteriors off after a serious nightly news show inadvertently used an eye chart teeming with internet slang.

The visual blunder accompanied a segment about eye treatment for senior citizens on Dagsrevyen, national broadcaster NRK's evening news programme. Rather than featuring a random sequence of letters, a test chart displayed behind the newsreaders began by loudly proclaiming OMG, Oh My God, newspaper VG reports. This was followed by a litany of profane abbreviations, like WTF and STFU, and it wasn't long before the eye-catching error had users of social media rolling on the floor laughing (ROTFL).

Newsroom editor Solveig Tvedt conceded that she and her team hadn’t properly examined the chart before going to air. “We retrieved the picture from one of our image agencies and took it without taking a closer look. If we’d seen what it said we wouldn’t have used it,” she told VG.

Twitter and Facebook users were near unanimous in their appraisal that the national broadcaster had effectively been PWN3D, or conquered, in a self-inflicted attack. But Solveig Tvedt didn't seem to mind that the broadcaster had made a spectacle of itself live on air. "I think it's good that people are following Dagsrevyen closely," she said.

Source: the Local
Tags: lulz, norway
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