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Bomb scare reported at Limbaugh's home

7:29 pm - 03/01/2012

A suspicious package mailed to conservative radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh Thursday afternoon at his North End home was not dangerous, the Sheriff’s Office bomb squad determined after opening it.

While the bomb squad was there, Palm Beach police blocked off North Ocean Boulevard and re-routed northbound traffic onto North Ocean Way. Palm Beach Fire-Rescue also was at the oceanfront Limbaugh compound.

Palm Beach police spokesman Fred Hess said the package was delivered late in the afternoon and was X-rayed, as is all mail sent to the Limbaugh home. When Limbaugh’s staff saw what appeared to be wires in the package through the X-ray, they called police. “In Palm Beach, people tend to be very cautious, especially an internationally known person,” Hess said.

The package was mailed by a man in the Wexburg suburb of Pittsburgh, Pa., as a “business opportunity” for Limbaugh, Hess said. The man was not identified, but when authorities called him he apologized, Hess said.

The18-by-18-inch package contained an electronic plaque commemorating the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth. No further details about the plaque were immediately available, and Limbaugh sent word through his property manager that the news media would not be allowed to photograph the package.

Earlier in the day, ABC News reported that Limbaugh made national headlines when he rang in on his radio show with derogatory comments about a woman who wanted to testify last month on Capitol Hill about the need for birth control coverage.

The Senate killed a proposal Thursday to throw out President Obama’s contraception mandate, ABC reported, and Limbaugh then opined about the ensuing backlash his remarks drew from House Democrats.

No connection between the package and Limbaugh’s comments has been made, however. The man told authorities he merely meant to offer Limbaugh a business opportunity.

Limbaugh was reportedly home during the incident. He has not commented on the event.

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