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Tory MP complains of Gurkhas “sitting” and “wandering” in his town

Tory MP Gerald Howarth told BBC Surrey Breakfast this morning that people were “fed up” of elderly Gurkhas in their local town of Aldershot.

He also said they “don’t understand our customs” and that they were “just basically wandering around”.

The discussion on BBC Surrey centred around whether Gurkhas will still be allowed to serve in the British army.

Gerald Howarth told BBC Surrey: 'I was walking around in Aldershot on Saturday and everywhere I went there were Nepalese just basically sitting out in the open … sitting out on the park benches.

'You may find this bizarre, but some of my constituents say ‘if I go into town, I haven’t got a park bench to sit on because they are all taken by the Nepalese’.'

I don’t even where to start.

The Tory MP is of course talking about Nepalese Gurkhas, who are soldiers and risk their life for this country. And he’s complaining about them taking up all the park benches?

Howarth went on to criticise what he called the “pretty disgraceful campaign by Joanna Lumley” to get Gurkhas settled in the UK.

He also said: 'Quite clearly, people in Aldershot I tell you are absolutely fed up and had enough of this. They feel powerless, if they say something they get accused of being racist. It’s their town they are entitled to a view on it.

'People are telling me: “we’re moving, we’re leaving this town’, and this is not fair on them and not fair on the elderly Gurkhas…'

Nearly 4000 Gurkhas serve in the British army.

Many Nepalese army families have ended up settling in Aldershot.

Those Gurkhas, honestly. Coming over here, fighting for our country, sitting on our park benches...
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