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Reprieve - New Campaign Urges pharma firms to sign anti-execution ‘Hippocratic oath’

3:49 am - 03/31/2012

Legal action charity Reprieve has today launched a campaign calling on pharmaceutical companies to sign a ‘Pharmaceutical Hippocratic oath’ under which they pledge not to become involved in executions by lethal injection.

With prisons in the US becoming increasingly desperate as supplies of key execution drugs start to run short, Reprieve is calling on ethical pharmaceutical companies to make their opposition to the use of medicines in executions clear.

Under the oath, companies pledge that:

“We dedicate our work to developing and distributing pharmaceuticals to the service of humanity; we will practice our profession with conscience and dignity; the right to health of the patient will be our first consideration; we condemn the use of any of our pharmaceuticals in the execution of human beings.”

Reprieve is also renewing its calls for Hospira to put in place measures to ensure that its productpancuronium bromide, a paralysing agent used as the second part of a three drug execution ‘cocktail,’ can only be used for legitimate medical use. Hospira remains the only supplier of this drug to US execution chambers.

The drug is cause for particular concern, as it renders prisoners unable to move or speak, and therefore means that, should the anaesthetic fail, they will be unable to signal that they are suffering agonising pain as the final, lethal substance is injected.

Reprieve investigator Maya Foa said: “No company which supports executions by lethal injection can claim to be ethical. By signing up to this pledge, pharmaceutical firms can make their position clear, and avoid becoming involved in this grisly business.

“Hospira has the means to prevent its drug being used to torture and kill prisoners in US prisons. The company says it doesn’t want to facilitate capital punishment, but its lack of action on this issue says otherwise.”


I thought you guys may be interested in this...Reprieve is a UK based charity which aims to ensure fair trials for those on death row around the world and one of the ways they are doing this is by targeting the share holders of pharmaceutical companies. A rare example of corporations being used for a humanitarian cause? 

mephisto5 31st-Mar-2012 05:32 pm (UTC)
IIRC, if done properly, hanging is quick, because it breaks the neck rather than suffocates the person.

I'm not sure why a bullet to the head isn't an option tbh. Seems like the quickest way to go and a lot cheaper than the drugs.
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