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We Finally Find A Good Cop. She Must Be Fired.

7:59 am - 04/19/2012
Regina Tasca is a Bogota, New Jersey, police officer who responded to a medical call to transport Kyle, an emotionally disturbed young man, to the hospital. As per protocol, she called for backup.

Her two backup officers tackled the young man and proceeded to punch him. Kyle was never charged, nor arrested, for any offense. Tasca says it's because he never threatened, did not have a weapon, and indeed never resisted and was not violent.

Eventually Tasca was able to pry the punching officer off Kyle, as seen in a picture taken by Kyle's mother.

After physically intervening against two violent colleagues-in-blue, Tasca'a job is at stake. She faces a departmental trial on charges that she's "psychologically unfit" to be a police officer.


Source with video.
kaowolfie 19th-Apr-2012 05:10 pm (UTC)
From what I understand based on relayed stories from my granddad the cop, that wall of secrecy is much less unspoken than you might think. He let himself be put on long term disability to get away from it, back in the 70s. Then did his absolute best to make sure everybody knew not to trust the cops *ever*, especially the cops in the county I grew up in.
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