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What to do when the Teacher AND Teacher's Aide BULLY your Autistic Child? A Father's Solution

5:16 am - 04/24/2012

A Cherry Hill father was so concerned about the way his son was treated and acting at school, he decided to put a wire on him to see what happened in the classroom and what he found, is pretty shocking.

Stuart Chay-Fezt says his 10-year-old who has autism has always been a very gentle, loving boy. So when he started getting reports from school that his son was hitting teachers, he knew something was wrong after putting a recorder in his pocket for a day.

What he heard was so outrageous it prompted him to make a 17 minute you tube video.
Chey-Fezt says he hopes this video will lead to legislative action for zero tolerance to his type of behavior from educators.

Meanwhile he says his son Akain is in a new school environment and doing really well.

Source 1 & YT

So the father calls for 1. A public apology from both the teacher (still working in the school system) & the teacher's aide (one who is fired and the other who is also still working in the school system) 2. Legislative changes for a teacher to be fired/reprimanded if he/she was to be found to be bullying a student (actually found in the description video at the linked petition)

For more disturbing information AND TRANSCRIPTS visit where the father has written out most of what is included in the video: 
little_rachael 24th-Apr-2012 05:09 pm (UTC)
This dad is amazing.

As for those teachers...I'm horrified, but not shocked. Teachers can be horrible bullies. I guess the only thing that really shocked me was their topics of conversation in front of students. But I guess they knew that the kids wouldn't be saying anything to their parents.

Silencing is one of the worst things you can do to a child, and that's exactly what those teachers and aides were doing. Not only when they told Akian and other children to "[s]hut your mouth," but also when they ignored the kids to talk about their own personal lives. It expressed to the children, "We don't care what you hear. We don't care what you say. To us, you're just background noise." And any child can pick that up, regardless of how they communicate.
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