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G-spot found: Researcher locates elusive pleasure zone

6:40 pm - 04/25/2012
Within the confines of science and the bedroom, the G-spot is something of a holy grail.

For decades, researchers have debated its existence in medical journals, while Lotharios have implied with a wink they already made the discovery.

But none went so far as Adam Ostrzenski, a retired doctor and researcher who travelled to Poland this past September to conduct a “stratum by stratum anterior vaginal wall dissection on an 83-year-old cadaver.”

His study, published in the May issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, appears to confirm the anatomical existence of the alleged pleasure zone. He will return to Poland in May to verify his findings in female cadavers of other age groups.

“It is my conviction that it’s not something that this 83-year-old lady had . . . and the rest of you guys don’t,” he said from his home in St. Petersburg, Fla., where he is the director of the Institute of Gynecology.

Theories about the G-spot have long been controversial. In the March issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a research team reported that there’s no “strong and consistent evidence” to confirm its anatomical existence, although there are “reliable reports and anecdotal testimonials” about the highly sensitive area.

“Nobody believed it could be identified. I was a skeptic myself. But I said, ‘I know this is going to be the location,’ ” Ostrzenski said.

Once the woman’s autopsy was completed, Ostrzenski began his dissection at the department of forensics medicine at Warsaw Medical University.

After seven hours of careful work, he found the G-spot in the front wall of the vagina, under five layers of connective tissue and muscle, 16.5 millimetres from the upper part of the urethra. It was in an area not usually accessed during gynecological surgery — one reason no one discovered it before, he said.

In prose that differs considerably from Maxim and Cosmopolitan, he describes the spot as “bluish grapelike compositions” inside a sac located between the inferior pubocervical fascia and the superior dorsal perineal membrane.

Ostrzenski says the grape shape is characteristic of an “erectile body” that can expand. The G-spot was 8.1 millimetres long inside the sac, but when Ostrzenski removed it, it extended to 33 millimetres. “This extension tells you this structure is designed for contractions and expansion,” he said.

He says the sac was the only erectile tissue he could identify. He couldn’t take a tissue sample to confirm because he didn’t have permission from the ethical committee. There were other roadblocks, too.

“Indeed, the subject was not in the position to communicate, but the existing scientific literature guided me,” he explained in an email.

As part of his study, he searched through existing studies from the past century and found his was the first description of the co-ordinates and size of the G-spot.

Researchers aren’t permitted to do this kind of forensic dissections in the U.S. or Canada, but it’s allowed in many European and South American countries, he said. Poland is ideal for Ostrzenski because he has relatives and old friends to visit there while he waits. The research trips are a financial risk, with many factors outside his control; cadavers only become available in cases of sudden death.

Ostrzenski conducted the landmark dissection last September, and now fields questions from all over the world. This is the quickest any of his research has gone to print.

Depending on the publication, the questions can be quite intimate.

“The men call me and say, ‘In a practical way, what do I have to do today with my wife?’ ”

enchantedkiss_x 25th-Apr-2012 05:31 pm (UTC)
I don't mean to sound stupid about this, but how can they really tell just from studying cadavers? I mean, I get that this doctor is saying it's erectile tissue and it would be consistent with what the g-spot supposedly is, but there's no way of actually measuring sensitivity/feeling until they study living patients, right?
thecityofdis 25th-Apr-2012 05:37 pm (UTC)
Talk about an orgasm strong enough to wake the dead...
(no subject) - Anonymous
thecityofdis 26th-Apr-2012 02:49 am (UTC)
dearmisterecho 26th-Apr-2012 06:34 am (UTC)
holy shit, you're back on ontd_p! *cheers*
thecityofdis 26th-Apr-2012 02:32 pm (UTC)
what? WHO? WHERE?!

drfardook 25th-Apr-2012 06:33 pm (UTC)
From what I gathered from reading a few articles (including a much better one at the LA Times) the finding is pretty much limited to I Found Some Stuff That Looks Like It Might Do Something Important. He was pretty clear that this is an ongoing study but its a new anatomic feature and might be a good lead.

I'm not sure how you'd study that on a live subject with various imaging devices but at least they'd have an idea where to look.
kaowolfie 25th-Apr-2012 06:47 pm (UTC)
Needing an idea of where to look makes a lot of sense - weren't the internal portions of the clitoris discovered by a woman doing cadaver studies? iirc, the way the internal portions are spread around a female human's pelvis, and with how thin and fine some parts are, it wasn't possible to ID places to look in living humans without examining dead ones first.

This comment might be jumbled. I just think cadaver studies are cool, because of what you can learn, either in research like this or when the examiners are med students.
mephisto5 25th-Apr-2012 05:43 pm (UTC)
Tbh, this just confirms to me how the vast majority of the medical establishment hasn't and still doesn't give a shit about how women's bodies work, because if they did I'm pretty sure this would have been found way before now.


It's the rough spot towards the front. Not terribly hard to find.
kaelstra 25th-Apr-2012 05:49 pm (UTC)
It's not the same for everyone, though.
mephisto5 25th-Apr-2012 06:01 pm (UTC)
True, different people have different anatomy and react differently as well. I guess I was mostly reacting to a general trend seen when discussions about cis-women's anatomy come up which tend to treat it as something mystical/difficult to navigate (see: all those jokes about finding the clitoris), when in my experience it's not that hard provided you put in the effort to communicate with your partner. But yeah, I expressed it badly, apologies.
cozmic_oceanz 25th-Apr-2012 05:53 pm (UTC)
I thought everyone decided two months ago that it didn't exist?
chaya 25th-Apr-2012 08:38 pm (UTC)
Everyone except anybody who has a vagina or has had any decently explorative sex with somebody who has a vagina.

I still want to smack whatever scientists came out with that nonsense.
nyxelestia 25th-Apr-2012 11:00 pm (UTC)
I think it's an "everyone's different" thing. Some women say there is a spot in side their vagina which causes great pleasure for them during penetrative sex, others say there isn't and it's all clit for them.
chaya 25th-Apr-2012 11:17 pm (UTC)
I think you missed my point, which is that the myth perpetuated by society and media that 'normal' women can quite easily orgasm from penetrative sex is completely false. All women are indeed different, and seriously hooray for the women that can orgasm from PIV, but they are not in fact the norm.
nyxelestia 26th-Apr-2012 05:21 am (UTC)
I think I assumed that whenever popular media hinted at sex/women coming from PIV alone, it was so obviously off/male-serving that it was in the same line as fantasy and sitcom romance of "we all know it's wrong, just go with it anyway", and everyone knew that wasn't quite all it took.

Certainly when growing up very few guys I knew were concerned about G-spots, mostly they asked us girls about clits and such. I didn't think that many people actually believed women came from PIV alone. o.O Maybe it's some weird generational thing I'm missing? IDEK...
tnganon 26th-Apr-2012 06:42 am (UTC)
that is actually the opposite of how i'm reading your comment so i'm not surprised someone else did as well
myrrhmade 25th-Apr-2012 05:56 pm (UTC)
Oh I'm so glad a man can finally tell us G spots are a thing. Glad he cleared all that up for us dumb fanciful womenz.
spiffynamehere 25th-Apr-2012 05:58 pm (UTC)
...Wasn't it pretty much decided that yeah, G-Spots exist, but they don't react the same way for every woman? Much like how prostates exist and don't react the same way for every man?

I mean, it's not that hard to fathom.
(no subject) - Anonymous
spiffynamehere 25th-Apr-2012 06:08 pm (UTC)
I kind of want to hand out copies of Bonk! by Mary Roach now. Because it is awesome and hilarious and talks about the various types of orgasms there are.
lykomancer 25th-Apr-2012 06:02 pm (UTC)
Whether or not the G-spot "exists" as a rough patch in your vagina, or whether it's just a spot behind where the extensive clitorial tissue runs and stimulating a specific area thusly stimulates sensitive erectile tissue, or whether any particular woman responds sexually to G-spot play or not... This whole thing just seems like (male) scientists search for a one-button-one-response approach to female sexuality...and/or a way to shame women who don't respond the way they're supposed to. I wish this was a matter of just science and pure curiosity of the human body, but it's not.
kaowolfie 25th-Apr-2012 06:06 pm (UTC)
It's really not. It's them trying to label how our sexuality should work, and to me reads like another attempt to prove that people who don't orgasm from receiving vaginal intercourse = broken.
chaya 25th-Apr-2012 08:39 pm (UTC)
Which would mean that the vast majority of people with vaginas are 'broken' but shhhhhhh let's not mention that. Ugh.
(no subject) - Anonymous
windy_lea 26th-Apr-2012 03:15 am (UTC)
B-b-but! The button has to be inside because... penis!

Seriously, though, I feel like more than a few men get so dismissive of the clit because they're wrapped up in the idea that penetration = penis = man.
mercat 25th-Apr-2012 08:32 pm (UTC)
Anyone know what they mean when they say these kinds of dissections are banned in the US/etc.? I know a fair number people who have said they plan to donate their bodies to science when they die and that seems like the kind of thing that would be done, then...?
johnjie 25th-Apr-2012 10:11 pm (UTC)
I thought it had already been decided that the 'G-spot' does exist, but causes different reactions in different woman?
recorded 26th-Apr-2012 01:13 am (UTC)
eyetosky 26th-Apr-2012 07:49 pm (UTC)
~* Two Months Ago *~

(Scientist)"Hey, there."
(Female subject) "Uh, hi."
(Scientist)"You know those pink round things on your chest, usually come in pairs..?"
(Female subject) "Nipples?"
(Scientist)"Yeah, those. Does it do anything for you when someone manipulates those in a suggestive manner during sexual intercourse?"
(Female subject) "Not really."
(Scientist) "K thnx"


(Other Female subject) "Well, actually I rather li-"
(Scientist) "SHH."
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