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Protests and outrage over police shooting of Aboriginal teens

6:11 am - 04/25/2012
APTN National News: In Australia, the shooting of two Aboriginal teenagers over the weekend has police in full damage control mode.

Six youth were in a stolen car when it was driven onto a sidewalk. The car hit a woman and dragged her for several metres. That prompted police officers to open fire on the car.

The 14 year-old driver and an 18 year-old in the front seat were shot.

The video of the incident shows one of the teens who was shot being dragged out of the car and repeatedly punched by one of the officers.

The incident has sparked outrage and Australian police are calling for peace.

The death of another teenager by police sparked riots in 2004. (- Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, National News)

A protester holds up a sign during a rally outside the New South Wales parliament in Sydney on April 24. - Bangkok Post

Angry protesters rallied outside Sydney's Parliament House on Tuesday over the shooting by police of two Aboriginal teenagers arrested in a stolen car in the city's nightclub district.">

Bangkok Post: The 14-year-old driver was shot in the chest and his front-seat passenger, 18, took a bullet in the neck when police opened fire on their car after it mounted a crowded footpath in Kings Cross early Sunday.

Police have said they had little choice after a woman was knocked over by the car and others were forced to leap from its its path.

But mobile phone footage shot by onlookers showing an officer punching and dragging one of those in the car along the ground has prompted accusations of excessive force and fed into racial tensions over the incident.

About 150 people including a number of the injured boys' friends gathered outside the New South Wales state parliament to protest their treatment, waving banners condemning racism and calling for an independent inquiry.

"You got a reason to hate the coppers, you know, when you're a young kid. But this crosses the line. (It's) straight-out racism," said 16-year-old Douglas Martin, a friend of the injured.

"I want them to get punished. Treat them the same as normal citizens. Just because they're coppers, that's just a... uniform, that's just a name."

Renowned Aboriginal boxer Anthony Mundine was among the demonstrators and described the shooting as "brutality at its best".

"There is no justification to just open fire like that, point-blank range, and furthermore bash them," said Mundine.

"There has been no ramifications, there's been no ramifications to the officers. Questions have got to be answered," he added.

Mundine said he had grown up with one of the boys' fathers and seeing the injured teens had been distressing.

"I saw the bloke and it just broke my heart to be honest. It really broke my heart. Fighting for his life you know?"

Police have repeatedly called for calm following the shooting, particularly in the impoverished inner-city Aboriginal district of Redfern, where wild rioting has taken place in the past.

One of Tuesday's rally's organisers, Ray Jackson, called for an independent inquiry into the shootings.

"We don't want police investigating themselves. That's never worked in the past, that's not going to work this time," Jackson told ABC Radio.

"We don't see any value in that. It's time the government bit the bullet and actually did something about setting up an independent investigative body."

Aborigines are Australia's most disadvantaged minority, with shorter life expectancy and much higher rates of imprisonment and disease than the broader population.

Primary Source - Bangkok Post
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mahsox_mahsox 26th-Apr-2012 11:36 pm (UTC)
Yep. It isn't nice to Trayvon to compare the incidents in too general of terms. If people want to compare they should be very careful to pick out exactly which bits they are comparing.

Trayvon was buying sugary treats. Zimmerman wasn't law enforcement, also hadn't seen Trayvon do anything much more than just exist, could have just walked away anytime up until the final moments of whatever happened between him and Trayvon, there was zero pressure on Zimmerman to continue to engage the situation.

The Kings Cross kids were packed into a stolen car, which a fourteen year old was driving, and cruising Australia's most notorious party/alcohol/drug/prostitution/organised crime area right when the police were waiting for that area to break out into violence involving organised crime, and surprise sur-effing-prise they attracted the attention of law enforcement. The police have a mission to deal with kids doing stuff like that, get them off the street, into custody then charged, bailed and home with their supervising adults. We expect police to do this as much for the benefit of the kids involved as for the benefit of the rest of us who prefer our cars unstolen. They *had to* make a plan for dealing with the situation, and they appear to have made a plan that went badly wrong from its first moments, for a variety of reasons probably including (but not limited to) racism.

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