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Tree-removal worker dies at NJ nudist club

1:40 pm - 04/26/2012
'Worker hit by falling limb as he was removing tree from the club, authorities say'

A tree removal worker was killed after he was hit by a 4-foot falling limb at a nudist club in New Jersey.

BERNARDS TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Authorities say a tree-removal worker died after he was hit by a falling 4-foot limb at a nudist club in northern New Jersey.

Workers from Tamke Tree Experts were removing a large tree from the Sky Farm nudist club in Bernards Township on Wednesday.

Police Capt. Edward Byrnes tells The Courier News of Bridgewater (http://mycj.co/JX8QIu ) the limb, which weighed an estimated 40 pounds, fell about 70 feet, striking the worker.

The worker was pronounced dead at the scene. His name is being withheld until relatives are notified.

Byrnes says the worker was wearing a hard hat and safety gear.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating.

Source at NYDailyNews.

I couldn't not post this when I found it.
chaya 27th-Apr-2012 12:45 am (UTC)
I'm not! I am amused and tickled by your story. (you think of meeeeee)
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