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Syria rebels 'launch sea raid' as Lebanon seizes weapons

4:17 pm - 04/28/2012
Syrian rebel gunmen in inflatable dinghies have attacked a military unit on the Mediterranean coast, with deaths on both sides, state media report.

It is thought to be the first rebel assault from the sea. Separately, Lebanon says its navy has seized weapons destined for the rebels.

Clashes between security forces and deserting troops left heavy casualties near Damascus and Aleppo, reports say.

The violence comes despite a shaky ceasefire in force since 12 April.

On Thursday UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned that Syria's government was "in contravention" of a UN- and Arab League-backed peace plan.

Saturday's violence came after the Lebanese navy said it had found and confiscated three containers full of arms and ammunition bound for the rebels.

The ship, the Lutfallah II, is reported to have begun its voyage from Libya, stopped off in Alexandria in Egypt, and then headed for the port of Tripoli in northern Lebanon before it was intercepted.

A handout picture released by the Syrian opposition's Shaam News Network shows an anti-regime demonstration in the town of Dael in Daraa province on April 27, 2012. About 15 UN observers are monitoring a shaky ceasefire in Syria

The BBC's Jim Muir in Beirut says it is believed the consignment was destined for the rebels in Syria, with whom the new Libyan regime strongly sympathises.

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It seems like attention to Syria has really dropped off lately...
yamamanama 28th-Apr-2012 11:31 pm (UTC)
Is it just me or is that ceasefire thing the worst thing to happen to the Syrian people?
soleiltropiques 30th-Apr-2012 05:16 pm (UTC)
It's pretty bad, that's for sure.

Because the Assad regime really needed MORE TIME in which to be able to massacre its own people, really.

I'm seriously hating Putin and his cronies, that's for sure. (I've known he was a monster for quite some time, of course, but this is just incredibly depressing.)
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