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To go along with the gay marriage news...

Don’t Let What Happened to Shane Happen to You (VIDEO)

Thomas Lee Bridegroom left his Indiana home to travel to LA in 2004 hoping to realize his dreams. He quickly gained popularity hosting MTV’s The X Effect in 2007 and starred in a number of commercials. Tom was also lucky enough to find himself in a long term relationship with Shane Bitney Crone, an actor and social media consultant. The couple started a business together in 2006 and also held a joint mortgage, but they never married or got around to writing their living wills. After all, the pair, in their mid-twenties, planned on having a long future together. But cruel fate had other ideas. On May 7, 2011, Tom tragically fell from a four story roof while photographing a model for a project. He subsequently died. Their failure to protect themselves would cost Tom’s partner Shane dearly.

Here is Shane and Tom’s story:

According to this memorial page Tom and Shane’s closest friends did, a month after Tom’s death, hold their own memorial service where Shane was able to participate and talk about his partner Tom and all the memories they made together.

Video summary: When Shane and Tom came out to their families, Shane's was accepting, but Tom's threatened and disowned him. When Tom died, his mother flew in, grabbed his body and his stuff, took off, then the family banned Shane from the funeral Tom's mother made him pay for and threatened him if he showed up. Shane and Tom did not have wills, so he had no legal recourse. He also never found out the specific details of Tom's death because the hospital wouldn't give him details. (Some Googling says that Tom's parents are Martha and Norman Bridegroom.)

I'm sorry I don't have a better source, but I've only seen this on various blogs. This is the most news-like source I've seen so far.

Per sesmo: Better source
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