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In which ontd_p collectively explodes from the cute

President Obama Kissed Michelle On The USA Basketball Jumbotron
POTUS and FLOTUS had shown up on the Kiss Cam earlier in the night, when Michelle turned him down. But you know what they say: if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

Here is the amusing failed attempt #1, from earlier in the night.

This is successful attempt #2. The Obamas are magnificently adorable.

And here are all the photos I could find on the wire, because this is wonderful and heartening and all sorts of other giddy adjectives.

This is the President and First Lady kissing on the Jumbotron at a USA National Team basketball game. Is there anything more goofily American?

Malia got a t-shirt!



Source will legitimately stop believing in love if the Obamas ever split up

I post about only the most important, hard hard hitting issues. I'm not responsible for any ugly sobbing, explosion of feels or increases in faith in humanity. Also, Malia is the best.

Now excuse me while I curl up and look at these photos and let the adorable wash over me.
Tags: barack obama, change we can believe in, flawless, michelle obama, totally awesome, unicorn chaser, when will your faves ever?

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