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Police officers among 'multiple casualties' as gunman opens fire near Texas A&M

Updated at 2:40 p.m. ET: "Multiple" people, including an undetermined number of police officers, were shot when a gunman opened fire Monday near the campus of Texas A&M University in College Station, police and university officials said.

The gunman was in custody, College Station police said.

Few details were immediately available. A College Station police spokeswoman told The Dallas Morning News that there were multiple injuries" at the scene, "including officers."

Campus officials issued an alert to faculty and students for an "active shooter" two blocks southeast of the university, which houses the library of former President George W. Bush.


A former LJ/current Tumblr friend of mine goes there. Waiting to hear back from her. :/ CNN and MSNBC are not talking about it. Maybe they did earlier when I wasn't watching? Idk.

ETA: She hasn't contacted me yet, but she's probably fine. I was just worried b/c I thought it happened ON campus and I know she's been working in the bookstore.

ETA2: She's fine!
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