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Homebrewing? In the White House?! Hell, yes!

As much as I enjoy ontd_political, all the heavy, serious, and downright infuriating topics that appear here for the most part can get a person down. So, in addition to the heartening post about NACA, how about something that is just plain fun?

Two articles here to discuss. I've been a homebrewer myself for many years now, so it just made my day when I saw the articles posted

"During this year's Super Bowl, President Obama created a stir by offering guests at the White House beer that he'd brewed himself. And now the president reportedly plans to have another batch of his homebrew on hand March 17 — that's right, for St. Patrick's Day.

According to the Irish Central website, when Obama announced that this March is Irish American Heritage Month, he also pledged to serve his own White House Honey Ale — made with honey from the White House garden beehive — to help celebrate St. Patrick's Day."

There's a little more about President Obama's homebrewing adventures:

"It seemed normal enough when President Obama chatted with a coffee shop patron about beer in Iowa Tuesday. The president has shown he's a fan of beer — and it's the most politically expedient, "everyman" beverage a candidate can drink. But then the president told a man at Knoxville, Iowa's Coffee Connection cafe that he travels with his own home-brew — and gave him a bottle to prove it."

OP: How cool is this?  Mittens likes to pretend he's an 'everyman', but I think Obama delving into homebrewing himself and appreciating a good brew in general proves who's more down to earth.

Also, does this make Obama a hipster?


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