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Andrew Shirvell slapped with $4.5 million in damages in defamation suit

Shirvell ordered to pay $4.5M in damages for slamming gay U-M student body president in blog
By David Jesse

A former state assistant attorney general will have to pay $4.5 million in damages after a federal jury ruled his blog attacking a University of Michigan student body president for his “radical homosexual agenda” went too far.

Andrew Shirvell, a 2002 U-M alumnus drew national attention for his blog, which he published in 2010, attacking then-U-M student body president Chris Armstrong.

The blog – the “Chris Armstrong Watch” – was filled with posts made by Shirvell, including ones calling Armstrong, who was the first openly gay student body president at U-M, “Satan’s representative on the student assembly” and a “privileged pervert.”

Armstrong sued in 2011, alleging Shirvell defamed him; invaded his privacy and stalked him.

The two fought viciously in court for nearly a year before a week-long trial began last week. The jury got the case late Wednesday and deliberated for most of the day Thursday.

Armstrong won on all counts and was awarded $4.5 million, Armstrong’s attorney Deborah Gordon told the Free Press.

Shirvell was unable to be reached immediately for comment.

Tags: good news, homophobia, lawsuits, lgbtq / gender & sexual minorities, michigan

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