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Baby I'm bad news

Biden to be in Tampa during RNC - greatest troll ever.

(CNN) – Vice President Joe Biden has plans to be in Tampa during the Republican National Convention next week, the Obama campaign said Tuesday.

Biden has events in Tampa and in other cities next Monday and Tuesday, the campaign said.

In addition, "a strong bench" of surrogates will be in the Tampa area as well.

While visiting a Minneapolis high school Tuesday afternoon, Biden seemed to embrace his role in Tampa turning to reporters traveling with him, "Who's going to Florida with me? Any of you going to be in Florida?

"Well I'm the speaker at the convention," he continued to laughs. "I'm going to be down there."

The campaigns of President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney have engaged in aggressive "bracketing" strategies this year, such as surrogates holding events which coincide with their opponents' events.

Obama and Biden will accept the Democratic nomination the following week in Charlotte, North Carolina.


I love this little troll.

Tags: florida, joe biden, republican national committee/convention, trolls gone wild

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