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Rumor: Romney and Akin using the same totally not biased doctor for information on Women's Health


The main exponent of Todd Akin’s theory that rape victims don’t get pregnant is a pro-life activist and doctor named Jack Willke. And he claims that he got a private meeting with Mitt Romney this year.

The claim comes in an article just out from The Daily Telegraph (for what it’s worth, it’s the same pub and reporter who wrote the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ piece a few weeks). According to the article Wilkie was an official surrogate for Romney back in 2008. And Wilkie claims that he got a private meeting with Romney just this calendar year.

The Romney campaign refused comment.

Now, pushing for a bit more tea leaf reading, the article notes that Wilkie apparently wrote a public letter of support for Akin today. And Wilkie further volunteers that he’s met “several times” with Paul Ryan to discuss his views on abortion and, according to Wilkie, Ryan says they’re on the same page.

Now, on this latter point, Wilkie’s not clear on just what Ryan was agreeing to. And it’s pretty apparent that Wilkie’s coming forward to give Romney and Ryan very big and unwelcome hugs to help blunt efforts to boot Akin out of the race. At their meeting, Wilkie claims, Romney told him they agreed on “almost everything” about pro-life politics.

You might say Wilkie is in a position to be a bit self-serving with these accounts. But he either met with Mitt or he didn’t. And if he really got a private sit-down with Mitt just a few months ago, is Romney really in a position to say that Akin’s so out of the ballpark that he’s got to retire immediately from politics?

I have no clue if this is legit or not, but the Romney campaign's refusal of comment strikes me as a bit off putting. Should this information be legit let's just say: Oh, this gonna be good!


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