you were made for this (evewithanapple) wrote in ontd_political,
you were made for this

'One Term More': Broadway Community Offers Pro-Obama 'Les Miserables' Parody

The Broadway theater community isn't likely to endorse a U.S. presidential candidate in any official capacity, but this spirited video certainly gets the views of many across -- to the tune of "Les Miserables," no less.

Featuring David Burnham ("Wicked"), Kim Huber ("Sunset Boulevard," "Beauty and the Beast"), Christina Saffran Ashford, Damon Kirsche and David Engel among other stage performers, "One Term More" spoofs the iconic musical's Act I finale, "One Day More."

The revised lyrics include such politically-charged lines as: "One term more, a time to celebrate democracy, repeal Republican hypocrisy...this man who would unseat Barack's a bleak choice at the ballot box."


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