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This community is affiliated with the enormous community ohnotheydidnt, except with a direct focus on politics and news.
All posts are moderated. All membership requests are moderated.


Last Updated: 21.11.2010

Here are the rules for ohnotheydidnt. The same rules apply here. We understand posts might turn into comment wars, but that is what this community is here for.

WHY WAS I BANNED? WHY WASN'T I ACCEPTED? WHY WAS MY POST REJECTED? WHERE CAN I COMPLAIN AND BE ANNOYING? Two ways to go: Open Post in the Mod Community, or E-Mail us. If you send a message directly to a Maintainer/Moderator it will be ignored, please use the proper channels.

Who can join? It doesn't matter if you are a member of ohnotheydidnt or not. If you enjoy political news and discussion, join and feel free to post anything that pertains to US or world politics. HOWEVER, membership is moderated. We do not approve journals that have been recently created, nor journals that have little activity. If you get rejected look at your journal. When was it created? How many friends do you have? How many comments have you made/received? THINK, make some friends, get your journal activity up then try again.

Bannable offenses: The following acts will get you banned without question.
  1. Taking an argument to a personal journal or other forms of harassment

  2. Deleting your comments - for reasons OTHER than grammar, HTML fail, or a double post. (Members WILL call you out, don't expect to get off with making a blanket generalization and expect people to not call you on it.)

  3. Deleting another member's comment in your post. Just don't do it.

  4. Trolling (if your comments are that annoying that we think you're trolling, you're banned. We don't have time to sort out who's a "genuine" user and who isn't. If it's obvious from your profile that you're just here to be rude and start trouble, you're gone.) Just having an unpopular opinion does not make you a troll.

What will get me a warning?
  • Namecalling

  • Hotlinking Photographs (Here is a guide on how to not hotlink)

Once you've posted something, don't delete it. This goes for front page posts and comments. If you really need to delete something for urgent reasons, contact a moderator for permission. Flouting this rule will result in a warning or ban, depending on the severity of the situation and previous behavior.

What should I do before posting? GLAD YOU ASKED. SEARCH ontd_political.

Does what you want to post about look familiar? If yes, THEN CHECK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF. The mods hate reposts as much as the members. Do not post without knowing what has already been posted.

What should I post? Any news that relates to politics, nation of origin does not matter. News, just in general, is also allowed. Anything from the separation of church and state, to the economy, to abortion, to the war in Iraq, to censorship, to gay rights, to religious news, to science, to international politics, all topics are welcome. However, it should have some relevance to current events. Shocking crime stories are better suited to ontd_crime. Not sure if it is worth posting? Submit your post anyways and a mod will decide.

Tag your entries. Basic info like "economy", "gay rights", or "environment" makes it easier to find later. You can also tag based on prominent political figures/parties/movements involved and/or the state/country involved. If you need a tag that isn't available, contact the mods.

Trigger warnings: Please put any stories about topics like abuse, sexual assault, murder, etc, under an LJ-cut specifying that the entry may be triggering for some. (Read more about triggers here.) In addition, violent images must be placed under a cut with a clear warning.

Can I post the 20 articles I just read on AP/CNN/Yahoo? HELL NO. Pick posts that are interesting. Do not post things just to post things. Limit yourself. As a general guideline mods only like to see the same person on the front page 2-3 times, any more than that is SPAM POSTING. THIS IS YOUR WARNING, you will be temporarily banned if you are caught spam posting. The mods do not care if your 7 posts in the queue are at all interesting, it is irritating to see a member submit articles within a few minutes of each other.

Sources: Please source the permanent link and do not just link to CNN.com's Main Page. Posts must be from a legitimate source (mods will decide). Check your source, if we reject it with "bad source" STOP. DO NOT PASS GO. If a mod rejects your posts, DO NOT RESUBMIT IT. If we say the source is biased, go look for an unbiased one. Do not link to an article you wrote (This has happened). This is not your personal journal.

I've posted a long article. Should I LJ-cut it? YES. If your article is longer than a page length, put the majority of it behind a cut. It would also be a good idea to bold the important bits, it only takes a few "tl;dr" comments to figure out why you should.

Can I hotlink pictures? NO. Upload to TinyPic if you do not know where to upload pictures to. Posts with hotlinking will be deleted 24 hours after a warning from a mod.

Are YouTube videos allowed? Yes, with the discretion of the mods. Additionally please do not put the video to 'auto play'.

Can I advertise other communities? Yes, within reason. If we don't want to advertise your community we'll reject your post. Simple.


NPR (National Public Radio)
Al Jazeera
The New York Times
The Wall Street Journal Online


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Make a Difference List
Many people in this community have expressed an interest in being active politically or through volunteering in their community. Yet, there are quite a few of us who just aren't sure where to start. This list is meant to be a living resource for anyone with an interest in doing something meaningful.


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