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How science finally caught up with Trump's playbook – with millions of lives at stake

How science finally caught up with Trump's playbook – with millions of lives at stake

The president’s failure to heed the warnings about coronavirus and act quickly has set in train a domino effect that now imperils large swathes of the US

Donald Trump leaves a coronavirus taskforce briefing at the White House in Washington DC on 2 April.
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this pine has goat to go

Feed for farm animals is one way to repurpose a Christmas tree

CENTERVILLE - On a sunny morning last week, Gus, Bambi and Leland were among the dozen goats waiting for their next meal in their backyard pen.

The truckload of vibrant, fragrant greens arrived, ready to add something special to their recently bland diet. But this wasn't a trailer full of salad mix - rather, 24 surplus Christmas trees from Cape Abilities Farm in Dennis.

"The goats love Christmas trees," said their owner, Stacey Greaves. "It's a great way to supplement their diets in the winter when there's no greenery."

Greaves, through her business GOat Green Cape Cod, capitalizes on the notorious caprine appetite. Her goats clear brush, even poison ivy, and perform other landscaping work thanks to their four-compartment stomachs.

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simply having a wait no i hate that damn song

Rio Ferdinand pledges £500k worth of Christmas toys to Manchester charity

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has donated £500,000 worth of toys to a local charity for Christmas.

Ferdinand, who has also provided 11,500 sleeping bags to be given to homeless people in Manchester, has pledged the money to Cash for Kids, run by local radio station Key 103, on behalf of himself and his restaurant, Rosso.

The charity offers help to children living in poverty and those who have suffered abuse, deprivation or neglect across Manchester.

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Anonymous donation pays off with fresh food for 2,000 families over Christmas

A generous donation to a Toronto organization will be providing local families in need with an invaluable Christmas present: fresh, healthy food.

Two thousand families will be able to have a home-cooked meal thanks to an anonymous gift of $50,000 to FoodShare, a local non-profit organization that provides families with fresh produce.

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Local teen in need of Christmas miracle gets kidney donation

A valley teen received the gift of life for Christmas thanks to an organ transplant.

14-year-old Michael Alexander suffers from several serious illnesses and has undergone more than 80 surgeries.

For more than two years he’s needed a kidney transplant. On Wednesday his wish for a donor came true.

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i remember running through the wet grass

Study Shows Dogs Have Episodic Memory, Just Like Humans

It may be elephants that never forget, but it turns out dogs have pretty good memories too, and could share more cognitive abilities with humans than we thought. According to a study published yesterday in the journal Current Biology, canines are able to recall events that occurred even when they weren’t paying attention, suggesting they may have episodic memories.

Thought to be linked to self-awareness, episodic memory refers to the ability to remember specific moments from one’s life simply by absorbing events as they occur. It differs from working memory in that information is not deliberately encoded, but is stored without knowing that it has to be remembered or that it will become relevant later on.

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Here's a royally festive sight: Queen Elizabeth and her family in Christmas sweaters.

The British royal wax figures have been dressed in Christmas sweaters, resulting a hilarious and festive tableau at Madame Tussauds in London. The figure of Queen Elizabeth is clad in a corgi-themed sweater, surrounded by her beloved corgis. The museum said real dogs in Christmas sweaters joined the Queen for the photo op.

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i wonder if this counts as potential tree surgery

Beaver caught 'shopping' for Christmas decorations, causes property damage to Md. store

CHARLOTTE HALL, Md. (ABC7) — A beaver left his or her dam in Charlotte Hall Monday on a quest to find Christmas decorations at a local dollar store, the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office reports.

Witnesses say they saw the beaver attempting to select the perfect Christmas tree and checking out other discounted holiday decor.

Corporal Yingling was called in after the beaver reportedly caused some property damage to the store.

Officials say the beaver attempted to flee the area when Yingling arrived but he or she was safely "apprehended" by Animal Control.

The beaver was eventually released to a wildlife rehabilitator.

source is local news

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Suspect says Satan told him to destroy the State Capitol's Ten Commandments monument

OKLAHOMA CITY – The controversial Ten Commandments monument at the State Capitol was destroyed Thursday night by a man who reportedly told authorities that Satan told him to do it.

Gov. Mary Fallin said the monument will be rebuilt.

A vehicle ran over the monument, knocking it into several pieces, said John Estus, a spokesman for the Office of Management and Enterprise Services.

After crashing the vehicle, the suspect went to the federal building and allegedly made threatening statements about the president, said David Allison, assistant special agent in charge of the Oklahoma City field office of the U.S. Secret Service.

The Secret Service was then called, Allison said.

During questioning, the suspect, whose name has not been released, admitted to destroying the monument, Allison said. The suspect said Satan told him to destroy the monument, he said.

The suspect indicated that he was bipolar and not taking his medication, Allison said.

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Tulsa World

Rick Wiles: Government Will Unleash Ebola To 'Round Up Patriots'

“Trunews” host Rick Wiles can’t seem to decide whether the Ebola virus is a plot by President Obama to ban churches and put people into FEMA camps, or if it is just what the country needs to “solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion.”

But yesterday, Wiles read a report about an unnamed person who supposedly spoke to a general who said that the government is readying to use Ebola, or possibly the bubonic plague, “as the cover to round up patriots who resist the takedown of the Republic.”

“We are witnessing in real time the unveiling of a carefully crafted plan to dismantle the United States of America,” Wiles said.

RightWingWatch, with audio clip.
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Kirk Cameron to make Christmas safe for Christians

After having bravely made America safe for Christians, Kirk Cameron’s newest movie, Saving Christmas, similarly promises to rescue the Christian holiday for Christians, delivering it from the continued terrorist assault by euphemisms. “Do you ever feel like Christmas has been hijacked by all the commercialism, and those who want to replace ‘Merry Christmas’ with ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Seasons Greetings’—whatever that means?” Cameron says. He remains baffled by these crazy atheist codes for wishing you happy holy days and seasonal hellos without specifically invoking Jesus—all while decrying commercialism, in the opening line of a trailer advertising a Christmas movie he wants you to pay to see.

“Some want to pull down every manger scene and tell us why all of our favorite traditions are wrong. Isn’t it time somebody spoke up?” Cameron continues of these roving bands of Christmas naysayers, wielding their hammers and facts. And verily, that time is now, as at last, someone finally has the guts to tell us about the true meaning of Christmas.

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